Monday, June 4th: Day 17

After a wonderful supper in Dr. Maier’s home town, we headed back to the hotel to begin packing, 4:30am would be here before we knew it! After a few hours of sleep, the vans were loaded and we were on our way to the Zurich airport. With the rain and traffic congestion, the drive was a little over 2 hours, but we all made it safely. First stop, Delta pre-security, then ticketing, security, customs and we were at the gate, with time to spare! The wheels on the plane were up at 9:35am.

And almost 10 hours later we were back in America!! Hello Atlanta!! A short wait in the customs line and baggage claim and re-check and we had a little over 4 hours until the start of the final leg of the trip. Priorities while waiting included finding Mountain Dew and Diet Dr. Pepper!! After a little bit of a delay and a gate change we were off to Kansas City!!

This is definitely one trip for the books and I’m pretty sure everyone had a blast!!20120604-214707.jpg


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