Friday, June 1st: Day 14

Yesterday we visited Buhler headquarters in Switzerland. The visit started off with an overview of the company as a whole, showing us that they provide equipment for many different industries. Globally, 65% of wheat is run through Buhler equipment. After this presentation we took a tour of the assembly and manufacturing buildings.This processing facility was wonderfully clean and the assembly process was fascinating. We then took a quick visit to the Innovation Center and R&D Labs and were immediately sworn to secrecy. After this, we all got a crash course on milling on their 1 T/hr mill. This was a great experience all around and something great we can put on our resume. By the end of the day Dr. Maier had earned his honorary Buhler 150th anniversary flour slick/milling spatula.  (No pictures were allowed inside the manufacturing area (so let your imagination go wild) but we were able to take pictures of the teaching mill.)

Tobias giving an explanation of milling basics.

A special thanks to Buhler and all their representatives that visited with us this week! The hospitality was phenomenal.


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