Thursday, May 31st: Day 13

Sorry to all of our followers for the late post. We stayed in a St. Gallen youth hostel where there was no internet connection.

Our hosts from Buhler, Tobias and Johannes, treated us very well during our two day stay in Switzerland and were with us for nearly all of our activities. Due to the weather forecast we switched our Thursday and Friday activities. Thursday, Tobias took us to Meyerhans, the latest state of the art flour mill in Switzerland. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take any pictures at the mill location.

After a sweet mill tour, we went to Mt. Saentis. We climbed over treacherous boulders and ice sheets, through the clouds and over 8,000 feet! Okay, well most of us just took the cable car to the top…

After a quick 20 minute cable car ride we arrived on the peak and Tobias treated us to some traditional Swiss cuisine. Salad, the favorite local beer, schnitzel, and some awesome creme brulee.

Next we went on a tour of the picturesque Swiss town of Appenzell, which is where Tobias is from. After this Tobias asked us to meet him at the youth hostel and told us a ‘short cut’ we could take that actually took us on a very scenic route through the hills overlooking St. Gallen. It was quite a lovely unexpected drive. I just wish Dirk wasn’t making such a big deal out of getting lost!

After we finally arrived at the youth hostel and barely caught the train to the city center Buhler hosted us for a great dinner in the city.


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