Sunday, May 27th: Day 9

Today was the start of our two free days in Munich over the holiday weekend! With several trips planned for Monday, we ended up having much of Sunday free to explore Munich. The first trip that our group made was to visit KZ-Gedenkstätte Dachau. The memorial site for the Dachau concentration camp was a very eyeopening experience for many that really brought to light what had occurred here. The tour of the site could not be done without experiencing a heavy heart.

We started off our tour of the camp at the information center where for 2.5 Euros you could rent an audio device that could be used for a self-guided tour of the site. There was a also very informative museum within the grounds of the former camp that walked you through the origins of Dachau through its ultimate liberation and the creation of the memorial site. Aside from the museum you were also free to walk through most of the grounds and see where the inmate barracks would have been, as well as other buildings. There are also several religious monuments from various sects that have been erected in place of some of the old buildings. The picture below is of the iconic gate at the entrance to the camp which reads ‘work sets you free’.

 After our time at the Dachau was through, many of us were feeling disheartened and were in need of a distraction and pick-me-up. So we headed back to our hotel for a quick break and were met by the newest addition to our study group: Carlos! Next, we set off to find the train station. After a struggle with the ticketing machines, we were offically on our way to downtown Munich for an afternoon of fun. Our first stop upon arrival was the Hofbräuhaus – Munich. Once we found a table it was time for the Maß, a liter stein that is a Hofbräuhaus signature staple.

After a great meal and amazing beer, we split off into smaller groups to explore downtown. One group went to the Deutsches Museum and wandered through the Englisch Gartins. The Deutsches (German) Museum of Munich has very technology-based exhibits ranging from the history of boats and cars, to DNA and nanotechnology, through astronomy, particle physics, and music. The Englisch Gartins aren’t really related to GB, it means that the gardens aren’t planted in any particular order and it is simply a natural-growing park. Another group went down many of the streets that split off from the main square and window shopped as well as took in the many cathedrals.

When the different groups were done in Munich, we all headed back in our own time to Freising for the night. Tomorrow will hold more adventure as we will split into two groups; one group will drive to Eagle’s Nest and the other will be visiting Ludwig’s Castle!! We will be reporting on those happenings tomorrow!!

~Britni, Jenn, and Josh


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