Saturday, May 26th: Day 8

Today we got to sleep in a bit, which was much appreciated by the group. We departed at 9:30 to the Memorial to the Division of Germany in Marienborn. Here was a gate between East and West Germany thru the Iron Curtain. The site consists of several light towers surrounded by a number of barracks and other buildings that serve as a reminder of the past.  It was pretty cool to be able to connect the dots between our view of this time frame in history and their perspective of it. It was a true eye opener.

Brief glance at the light house and buildings.

After our visit we left for Munich, a six hour drive. The scenery was gorgeous and we got to see some hops growing on trellises. A couple gas station stops served as lunch, chocolate, caffeine boosts, and bathroom trips. We have discovered that more than one coupon can be used at once. Yay!


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