Friday, May 25th: Day 7


Last night we arrived in hotel de castle, checked in, had a few local brews, and went to bed in anticipation for an exciting day with our friends from the German Milling School. 6:45 alarm came not a minute too soon, by 7:10 we were AIS and on the road to the school. With each passing minute our excitement grew as we neared the school.

We were warmly welcomed by the hosts as we eagerly leaped from the vans. The hosts prodceeded to give us a lovely tour of their facilities. Interestingly enough, they have one of the two Miag Experimental Mills in Germany. We shared pleasantries about how K-State has one of the six Miags in the United States. After an awesome tour we had some coffee and delicious fortune cookies in the conference room.


After a short, informative presentation we were led to the computer lab where they have a program that simulates a flour mill in process. The German milling students showed us this program and we quickly discovered that K-State needs a similar program to teach problem solving in the mill.

We departed for IFF! In transit we got lost and saw a pretty cool little car. This car had the different colors of the rainbow on every panel. But I digress; we arrived at the IFF, we were greeted tenderly by the president of IFF.  We had a quick informational meeting about what IFF does, which is research animal feed products to produce superior and safer animal feed products.


Then lunch, delicious meatball soupy stuff! Next we toured the IFF labs. It was very interesting to talk to Rainer about his research on long term GMO contamination in conveyers.

At about 6:18 pm, after the tour and then a short nap we found ourselves, at the request of the manager of the castle hotel, in the courtyard drinking some fine German beer (and some sweet white wine for a few of the ladies)!

The manager then took us on a castle tour, which was awesome! We ended up in the castle tower where we all shared a shot of the castles only ghost, Burg-Geist. He then led us into the conference room where he wrapped up the tour and gave each of the students a special scholarship of 100 Euros cash.

But the best part of the day by far was at dinner when the waitress brought out three big bowls of ice! Yes, plain ice! We have been deprived of ice since we landed in Frankfurt and it was a welcomed treat to say the least!


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