Thursday, May 24th: Day 6

Thursday was a day packed full of activities and tours in Hamburg.  First, we arrived at the Kahl Gruppe to tour the facility and attend a couple of presentations.  Kahl is an equipment manufacturer and distributor of technologies used in the feed, milling, and food processing industries.  We were greeted by Dr. Patrick Clark (a fellow K-State grain science alum) and Mr. Behrmann who is the CEO/owner of the company and also serves as chairman of the board for the German Feed Technology Research Institute in Braunschweig.  The tours took us all the way from the ground up as far as machinery production was concerned. They showed us production floors, research areas, and product testing areas. Equipment that we saw included extruders,mills, pelleters, and grinders. To remember our visit to Kahl, we were given several tokens of appreciation including booklets, pens and USB drives.

After visiting Kahl, we headed to Vosser–a company that is in the business of storing and shipping coffee and cocoa beans!  We were shown how the different kinds of coffee beans were received, cleaned, and bagged before being sent off by different companies to their individual roasteries of choice.  The beans are mostly stored in burlap style bags in sizes of about 70 kilos (these are worth about $650/bag!) but also can be found in tote bags or box crates.

The cocoa beans were both received and shipped by bulk and openly stored in a large open room.  (The average German consumes nearly 10 kilos of cocoa/year and Americans are about the same.)

Next we toured GHT, a rail and barge grain terminal located in the Hamburg harbor area. Boats, trains and trucks are all able to offload  The manager there demonstrated the use of the terminal controls and machinery.  This terminal was located right across the water from the flour mill , Aurora, that we had seen the day before.

To end a jam packed day, we took a relaxing and beautiful harbor cruise on an open air boat in the sun.  We got to see some of the largest ships in the world!  Hamburg is a very green and industrious city, and this part of the day really topped it off nicely; We saw a very good representation of the types of commerce transacted in the harbor and cruised a couple of scenic canals which were located close by.

Now off  to the castle Warburg near Braunschweig!

-Britni, Jennifer, and Josh


One thought on “Thursday, May 24th: Day 6

  1. The tours sound great, informative and insightful. What a great way to finish the day, on the water with the Hamburg harbor cruise. The weather must be good.
    A couple of nights in the castle should prove interesting too. Sleep well.

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