Saturday, May 19 and Sunday, May 20: Days 1 and 2!!

After a very early arrival to MCI Airport in Kansas City, we headed for a lengthy little layover in Atlanta resulting in some great group bonding time to start our grand adventure. Five hours later, we were off to Frankfurt, Germany and an 8.5 hour flight. Despite sleep deprivation, we were all excited to get on the road in our spiffy Volkswagon TDI conversion vans and see some beautiful countryside. Next we were to head to our first destination  at the NH Bingen Hotel on the Rhine River. Although we were not able to check in immediately and grab much needed showers, we happened to stumble across a quaint local eatery where we were able to find some delicious traditional dishes to fulfill our growing hunger. After returning to the hotel, some of the group decided to venture into the city and explore the sights while others stayed behind and got some much needed rest.

It was decided that we would meet up later in the afternoon to go on a Rhine River boating excursion. Through the excursion, we learned more about local history, including several castles along the river and the vast vineyards that dotted the hillsides.

Afterwards, we returned to the hotel to prepare for our Welcome to Germany dinner hosted by CSM Global. The dinner was in the town of Rudesheim which we got to by ferry. There was a live band and various meat, cheese, and bread appetizers. After more networking and more kinds of meat dishes than we can count, we took a short ferry ride back and walked the boardwalk to return to our hotel. We will be attempting to get to bed early so that we can get wake, eat breakfast, and take a tour of CSM.

Hopefully we don’t get too crazy!

-Britni, Jennifer, and Josh


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